At Natural Mining Resources we are very committed with the environment and consequently our goal is the prevention of environmental damage, protection and environmental rehabilitation of the places where our mining activities are carried out. Therefore, we follow and comply with strict environmental protection codes and we are governed by a series of codes of conduct to mitigate and prevent the contamination of surface and ground waters and soil contamination due to chemical leaks and to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity, among other points.

In our company we watch over the safety of workers above all

Ventilation of mines0%

Avoid the ignition of methane gas0%

The development of new mining construction techniques0%

The obligation to use personal protective equipment, and appropriate equipment for the ears.0%

We want to demonstrate that mining can be developed in a responsible manner and minimize the alterations that originate mining exploitations with these four points:

Awareness of the worker in the environmental behavior, since most accidents are caused by humans.

Reduce the environmental impact and foresee long-term consequences through technical actions as well as assess present and past actions.

Good communication of common issues among employees, authorities and local communities.

More sophisticated production processes for a greater capacity of recycling by-products, reduction of emission of dust into the atmosphere, as well as the development of techniques that optimize the restoration of the land affected by the exploitations.

To do this, we carry out environmental impact assessments, develop environmental management plans and schedule the closure of the mine and prepare environmental monitoring during the operation and after its closure.

We consider that the success in the development of our operations requires the effective application of Environmental Protection Programs and we have an obligation with future generations to preserve the environment. Therefore, when we plan mineral extraction, we consider the subsequent restoration, to adapt the land to our environment.