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From its facilities in the Port of El Musel, Gijón, Natural Mining Resources offers storage, screening and mixing of coal as well as logistics.
Natural Mining Resources has facilities in the port of Gijón with a storage area of 120,000 m2 for the storage of different types of coal..


These facilities are complemented by an industrial warehouse to mix and blend the coal from our own mining operations with imported coal in order to reach the analysis results required by our final clients.
In addition, these facilities are equipped with a special machinery to manage the blending and mixing of different types of coal in the Port of El Musel, Gijon, Region of Asturias.


We have a mixing plant with magnetic separators for 4 different types of coal at the same time, with maximum efficiency in the final result required by the client according to specifications, since we have a very reliable system for uniformity and entry into the mix.
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Facilities in Gijon, Asturias

Blending facilities in Gijon, Asturias

As part of our services, we provide transport from the extraction mine at the origin to the destination, which includes: transport insurance from the extraction mine to the port, from the port of origin to the port of destination, to the warehouses or deposits of the client final, which covers all risks and compliance with the checklist of natural resources of mining for possible customer complaints.


Our shipping services include internal transport, shipping (freight, volume), coordinating agencies (stowage, inspections, control of quality and cargo supervision), insurance, customs documentation plus downloads and are made available to the client.


Prior shipment is the first stage in which inspection companies recognized as SGS, Lloyd’s, Incolab, Cotecna o Bureau Veritas carry out the inspections.

Offices in Gijon


Explanada 1, frente a Centro de Operaciones Portuarias de El Musel

33212 Puerto de Gijón, Spain

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