Sectorial focus

NMR is focused on widening the range of products it produces and commercializes within each of the sectors it operates in: (Energy, Metallurgical, Cement, Ceramic, Public Works, Textiles, etc.)

Currently, fossil fuels, such as oil, coal and natural gas, account for approximately 80% to 85% of all the energy used worldwide, and coal-fired generation represents approximately 35% of all electricity produced, but the Thermal Coal market is changing.

NMR is carrying out important work, through the diversification of the PRODUCTS that it “produces” and / or “markets” (anthracites, clays, iron ore, lithium, graphite, etc.), as well as through the expansion of its commercial efforts into new Sectors (Metallurgical, Cement, Textile, Ceramic, etc.).

A more recent example of NMR’s changing sectoral focus is the exploitation of the Sofia mine for clays, (property of NMR) geared to the Ceramic Sector, which thanks to their prominent whiteness, have resulted in a great combination of products highly valued by our customers. We produce clays with high plasticity, which allows for formulations suitable for large formats.