Products (origins and qualities)

NMR produces, processes and markets a wide range of solid fuels. 

Through processing: washing, screening and drying, it pursues the objective of adapting to the needs of each Client.

The Solid Fuels which NMR commercializes, encompass the entire range of Calorific Powers, from 3000 kcal/kg to 7500 kcal/kg, and in standard grain sizes, as required by the Clients. 

NMR’s vertical integration and buying capacity within all types of Fuels and Minerals, situates us in the privileged position of being able to establish long-term agreements with the World’s leading producers in countries like Russia, The United States, South Africa, Kazakhstan and Colombia.

Current market conditions and the growth in demand from Clients for products with high added value, allows us to focus on energy raw materials, technology metals, special ores, industrial minerals, and base metals. NMR is constantly on the look-out for new products that add value to our already ample portfolio.    

The goal is to position ourselves as a global provider, including alternative and renewable energy


Within its own mines, NMR produces Anthracite and Carbon, and markets a wide range of solid fuels of different origins. In its Competitive Strategy NMR makes advances with the inclusion of other types of “fuels” in its “portfolio”, in order to transform itself into an integral fuel supplier, capable of responding to our clients most demanding requirements.

Minerals & other products

We produce and commercialize a wide range of metals and minerals, such as clay, cobalt, graphite, and lithium; and we also commercialize iron ore with a high content of aluminum (third party sourced). In addition to those materials, we commercialize coal ash and other co-products and by-products used in the Sectors of Cement and Construction.