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NMR in media

Natural Mining Resources expects to create 3,000 jobs in two years by producing and selling coal around the world. The company, with Spanish capital, will imminently reopen two Anthracite mines: The “Pilotuerto mine”, in Tineo and the “Carballo mine”, in Cangas del Narcea (ASTURIAS – Spain).

Medio: RTPA (October, 14 2020)

NMR, and other companies in the Sector, bet on the anthracite from the Ibias, Tineo and Cangas del Narcea mines that had closed.


Medio: El Comercio (October, 12 2020)

El acuerdo con la empresa Natural Mining Resources, que subirá el techo salarial del club este año, hará que el municipal ovetense cambie su denominación.

Picture: Estadio Carlos Tartiere, que pasará a llamarse ‘NMR Carlos Tartiere’. / Pablo Lorenzana

Medio: El Comercio (August, 12 2020)

Real Oviedo reaches an agreement with the Asturian mining company to name the field and sponsor the shirt.

Picture: Estadio Carlos Tartiere. / IRMA COLLÍN

Medio: La Nueva España (August, 11 2020)

NMR is going to exploit an old anthracite coal mine in Asturias to supply the steel industry markets.

Medio: (28 mayo 2020)

The terminal planned by Natural Mining Resources (NMR) in the “North Quay of the El Musel Expansion” will not be limited to the import and export of coal, but will also move other bulk materials, including the production of its white clay quarry in “ La Espina (Salas)” that the group has just put into operation.

Medio: La Nueva España (12 mayo 2020)

Natural Mining Resources (NMR) is already the largest coal operator in the port of EL MUSEL (Gijón) and plans to maintain its activity in the long term.

Medio: El Comercio (4 mayo 2020)