Our history

NATURAL MINING RESOURCES 1926 SL (” NMR ”) was born from the experience of its founders and top executives, developed over decades, in the fields of “international trading” and the “exploitation of natural resources”

Focused on the solid fuel sector (thermal coal, anthracite, Petcoke, metcoke, semianthracite, coke, PCI, etc.).

Diversified with the production and commercialization of other minerals, like white clays, gypsum, etc.

Developing products through the valorization of by-products (slag from the production of cast-iron and steel, ashes from the Thermal Power Plant, etc.), and

With the strategic objective of offering an “integrated” Value Proposition aimed at Industrial Markets at the Global level, and capable of satisfying the requirements of each and every Client.  

Based at its headquarters in Madrid (Spain), and with an important logistics platform in Gijón and Cartagena (Spain), NMR is becoming one of Europe’s leading companies in the coal and derivatives sector.

NMR started its commercial operations in the second half of 2018. Its customer base at that time was mainly made up of Spanish companies: coal distributors for domestic and industrial consumption, and Spanish energy companies, with whom there were previous commercial relationships.

Our Business Model is designed  to offer a “Value Proposition” capable of differentiating us and allowing us to compete in a market scenario characterized by a decline in consumption, enabling us to continue to grow as.  

NMR is configured as a competitive option with a “close relationship to their clients”, “capable of adapting” to their specific requirements with regard to quantity, quality and delivery deadlines.

Our objective was to turn a threat into an opportunity, through the adaptation of NMR to certain supply scenarios that implied a discontinuous operation / dispatch, with the ability to supply in a flexible way (time / quantities), and with very short response times thanks to the permanent product Stock and the ability to “valorize” the products it in its facilities in Gijón (Spain).

The company began its international activity, as well as its logistical consolidation, establishing operations in large Spanish ports (Gijon, Aviles, and Cartagena), from which it offers competitive products to all global industrial clients, primarily in the sectors of energy, cement and steelmaking (coal, petroleum coke and related products).   

Innovation and the ability to capture fundamental trends in the business, have been the key strategies that along with a Global mindset, have enabled the “NMR Team” to establish itself as a point of reference in the field of Management.