Our future

strategic objective is to become…

Future of NMR - Natural Mining Resources

A “Global” Energy Mining Group, with efficient and environmentally friendly investments in all the elements of its Value Proposition.

A paragon of commitment and quality for our Suppliers and Customers, respectful of the best Corporate Governance practices (corporate transparency, environment, human resources, integrity…)


A benchmark of SUSTAINABILITY and BUSINESS EXCELLENCE in the Mining Sector.


It is strategic for NMR to promote it’s “Vertical Integration” through the development of new mining projects, assuring our Clients that the supply chain is perfectly aligned with their requirements and expectations, creating value for our “stakeholders” through the creation of new job posts, commitment to society, and responsibility to the environment, and diversifying our production and commercial activities.


NMR is in the process of expanding our Logistics Platform, adding an extra storage surface of 180,000 square meters in order to incorporate not only more products (Clays, Feldspar, Iron Ore…), but also the 360,000 annual tons of slag -ashes- from the La Pereda thermal power plant in Mieres (Asturias), belonging to HUNOSA, with whom NMR signed an acquisition contract for several years.

Additionally, NMR is launching an anthracite drying plant to be located in the port of Gijón (Spain), that will allow us to adjust the humidity specifications of our products, thereby increasing their added value and their ability to compete in the current market environment.