NMR’s purpose & values


To design and offer integral solutions based on an understanding of each one of our Clients’ specific needs, in order to establish sustainable, long-term collaborations. 

To work, with the objective of creating sustainable value for the Civil Society and, in particular, in those areas where re-industrialization is necessary.

As a Global Producer and Marketer-   to be a “World Class Industrial Partner“ for solid fuels and minerals Clients, and to respond to their needs with high-quality products and efficient logistical solutions, which favor their growth.  

To establish a network of operational and logistics platforms, close to the “Production” and the “Clients”, for other minerals, such as Clays, Lithium, Graphite, Metallic Minerals, etc., and for this we rely on solid and dependable alliances that add value to all Parties.    


Our Values


Is the key to the development of our organization. If we take care of all the personnel who work for, and with us, we will be taking care of our Clients.


For NMR, “Integrity” is a key characteristic of our business. Establishing that culture, NMR ensures the kind of proper conduct that generates loyalty and confidence in the Clients and all the Interest Groups.    


Implication NMR

Our commitment is reflected in everything we do. We are committed to “being the best that we can be”. In order to achieve this, we place our customers and suppliers at the center of everything we do.  We commit ourselves to constantly meet expectations,  make an extra effort to do the job, and to give 100% to everything we do and to approach everything with a “can do” attitude.     We continuously  seek to improve ourselves and our services, cultivating our knowledge, skills, and attitudes in order to achieve excellence.


We constantly make an effort to redefine the standard of excellence in everything that we do. Therefore, we are open to ideas that challenge conventional views and drive business innovation. The only constant in life is change, and we believe that in order to remain viable in such a competitive and frequently changing market, we must constantly improve.


Construction Workers NMR

It is the nature of NMR. It is the Talent management and having staff that show passion for what we do and for offering our clients all of our products.  

Operational Excellence

We understand Operational Excellence as a work process that includes “principles” and “tools” to create a sustainable improvement within NMR, where each member of our organization can see the flow of value towards the customer. The process involves focusing on the customer’s needs, keeping the employees feeling positive and empowered, and continuously improving the current activities in our workplace.

Ability to learn and adapt.

Capacity to learn and adapt

With a business market and environment in constant flux, NMR continuously redesigns its products and services. This flexibility is only attainable through continuous learning and adaptation, based on the varying needs of our clients.