NMR’s business model

NMR’s Business Model is underpinned by a competitive “operation”, carried out under the highest quality standards. The element of differentiation comes from an extraordinarily efficient management of operations: The production of minerals and fuels, the treatment and manipulation of said materials, and the project of marketing and commercialization. 

NMR is an innovative mining company whose has evolved:

With its origins as “Trader” focused on “niche” markets,

  • Of thermal coal, and of Anthracites;
  • And supply sources in 2 countries: Spain and Russia;
  • With ambitions of becoming an international supplier,
  • But with a logistics platform of only 10,000 m2 and limited treatment facilities.
  • With Business figures of less than 50MM € and with a tonnage of less than 500,000 tons.  

Evolving into a “Vertically Integrated Mining Company”,

  • With our own fuel mines, such as thermal coal, anthracite, semi anthracite, and minerals such as clay, gypsum, quartzes, feldspars, and other silicates.    
  • With mining contracts in Colombia, Kazakhstan, South Africa and Russia
  • With a wide range of minerals and fuels.
  • With a Logistics Platform occupying more than 300,000 m2, and with an average stock of fuels and minerals in excess of 800,000 tons
  • With the incorporation  of other solid fuels and mineral products: PCI, Petcoke, Iron Ore, Clays, Lithium, Graphite, Ashes from Thermal Power Plant, etc. 
  • With “Annual Sales” of approximately 138 million euros (2019), and a tonnage in excess of 2 million tons.
  • With the goal of sales in excess of 300 million euros in 2020, more than 4 million in tonnage and operating in more than 20 countries.  
vertically integrated mining company