NMR Value Proposition

NMR has developed a Value Proposition resulting from a deep knowledge of our Clients’ needs and of the International Markets, as well as from the multidisciplinary experience and talent of our Team members, who over the years have held senior positions at multinational companies within the Mining, Industrial and Logistics Sectors.

All that “added value” has been transferred to our “Strategic Proposal”, designed to meet our customers’ most demanding requirements.

NMR’s value proposition is currently structured around 3 fundamental “Pillars”: 

  • Product Development
  • Operations: Logistics and Processing
  • Commercialization: FLEXIBLE TRADING

These pillars have driven the corporate development of NMR, which began as a “Local Trader” and evolved its service offer to its clients as a “Global Producer and Trader”, satisfying the necessities and most stringent requirements in fuels and minerals. 

Product Development

  • NMR manages its own Laboratory (NMR | LAB) where it develops and analyzes, all product characteristics before their launch and during its commercialization.


  • NMR relies on a Logistics Platform, with a surface area of over 120,000 m2, located in the P4 of the Marcelino León Pier, in the Port of EL MUSEL (Gijon).
  • Within these facilities, NMR develops all the processing of the products it markets, consisting of storage, classification, grinding, screening, drying, and possible mixing, for those clients that require special products.  
  • NMR has expanded its poposed Logistics Platform, adding an extra 180,000 square meters of storage surface, which incorporates new products and processing facilities.
  • NMR has various facilities for Washing of fuels at its disposal, and also collaborates with local washers, with the goal of offering clients products of Value with ash levels under 1.5%.