Governance Model

NMR is committed to the development and implementation of a Corporate strategy, which seeks “comprehensive corporate governance” in accordance with the demands of our “stakeholders”.

In this sense, NMR has implemented its Corporate Governance model, which sets up the policies, processes, and rules that direct and control our business’s behavior. All of us are aligned with this enforceable framework that defines the relationship between shareholders, management, partners (SUPPLIERS & CUSTOMERS) and other key stakeholders, and we apply it in a consistent manner.

We firmly believe that our Corporate Governance model has to be a competitive advantage, fostering our culture of integrity and leading to a sustainable and well-performing  business, giving the market strong signals that our organization is well managed and that the interests of our management team are fully aligned with those of our stakeholders.

In a mature industrial sector like mining is,  NMR wants to be “best in class”, so we have had to balance the achievement of our goals with the control of risks, delivering dynamic and exemplary results.