Compliance policy


NATURAL MINING RESOURCES 1926 (NMR) – is a vertically integrated energy & minerals products Company that operates as an international “Trader” of  coal, anthracite and other high-quality minerals (from Spain, Russia, Colombia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, etc.). We are a dynamically developing company focused on the sustainable development of the mineral supply business throughout the world.

NMR, understanding the importance of reliable partners for sustainable growth and successful business development, with the aim of ensuring compliance with applicable legislation and to confront identity theft, money laundering, fraudulent and terrorist activities, has developed a policy “Know Your Counterparty” (KYC), in order to verify the identity and assess the reputation of our counterparties.

In this sense, Compliance control at NMR is a system of measures aimed at combating violations of legislative norms and ignoring internal regulations and ethical provisions in business. This will identify, assess, and monitor compliance risks and regulatory risks.

Compliance risk is the risk of losses (material, of information, labor, special) due to ignoring the requirements of legislation or local regulations, and regulatory – due to external influence of Supervisory authorities. Provision of information about the company’s activities by counterparties is necessary for NMR to achieve the following goals:

  • To function within the legislative framework and conduct business in accordance with ethical standards, maintaining information security.
  • Prevention of fraud and prompt prosecution of those caught in it, fight against corrupt officials.

NMR, in accordance with the information collected through the KYC Questionnaire, and the existing public information on the Internet, will carry out a preliminary analysis of the Counterparty, to assess the associated Reputational Risk. Only in those cases in which the Residual Risk is considered high, will NMR carry out a process led by an external advisor and will contact the Counterparty to seek their help in said process.

NMR’s KYC Application Form

Please, contact NMR and we will send to you an editable version of our KYC form in order to initiate our Compliance procedure: