Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct is born from the conviction that NMR, its Founders and its Employees have the need to explain, internally and externally, what the PRINCIPLES are that should inspire our business activity.

Our Code of Conduct is a document created to explain to our “Interest Groups” (Stakeholders) our commitment to them and to the rest of the Society.


Our Code of Conduct is a “live” document, not only because it is in continuous “evolution”, but because it is a daily element in our relations with the environment, and therefore with our “Partners”, which in a broad sense,  includes our Suppliers, our Clients, our Shareholders and those of the Companies with which we collaborate, our Employees, the Public Administrations with which we interact in our day to day, etc.

But our Code of Conduct is not the only “foundation” upon which the “good governance” of NMR is based.

Our Anti-Corruption Policy, our Integrated Management System (Quality, Environment and Occupational health and safety), our operating procedures, and other related instruments that NMR will gradually develop and implement, are also the guarantors of our commitment to business ethics and transparency.