About us

Our team is formed by an excellent group of sector’s professionals

Nuestro Equipo-Alta orientacion a resultados

Highly results-oriented


Desire to excel

Alta dosis de innovación

High doses of innovation

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Teamwork and collaboration

At Natural

Mining Resources

we have been committed for decades to the extraction, treatment and commercialization of White Clays, Feldspar, Coal and other minerals, investing continuously in new resources of raw materials and technology to guarantee the optimal use of these valuable reserves.

Our operations currently extend Europe, Africa, USA and Middle East

We focus mainly on White Clay, Kaolin, Feldspar and Coal although our range of products is wider.

the human factor is one of the most important resources of a company

Its future depends on the quality of their work and motivation.
For this reason we take care of and encourage communication and excellent relationship with our employees.
In addition, our human team is committed to our vision, values and objectives.

closeup of the facilities of a coal industry

Natural Mining Resources carries out a quality policy through a Management System based on the ISO 9001 standard

It is the frame of reference to establish the objectives of improvement of the processes of the organization, related to the business of Purchase and Sale of minerals such as anthracites, carbons, clays, feldspars, etc.